12-Year-Old Boy Stabs Teen During Middle School Hallway Fight

A 12-year-boy allegedly stabbed a 13-year-old student in his leg during a hallway fight that unfolded in a New York middle school.

The victim was airlifted to a hospital, while the younger boy was arrested and charged with juvenile delinquency.

The scuffle broke out at Lindenhurst Middle School in Long Island at around 12:30 p.m. Monday. The police said the 12-year-old boy used a six-inch knife to stab his fellow middle-schooler during the incident, according to News 12.

It was not immediately clear what spurred the hallway fight.

“Very important, very important. He lost a lot of blood. The wound was up in his leg, toward his groin. A lot of arteries up there,” Suffolk County Dep. Inspector Sean Beran said. “Horrible. Absolutely horrible. That’s somebody’s son.”

A tourniquet was applied to the victim’s leg by the school’s staff to stop further blood loss, before the boy was airlifted to the hospital. Officials said the teenager’s condition was critical but stable.

The stabbing led to the school immediately being placed under lockdown for about an hour.

“At approximately 12:30 p.m. this afternoon, there was an altercation involving a weapon (knife) between two students in a hallway at Lindenhurst Middle School,” the superintendent of Lindenhurst schools said in a statement. “The building immediately went into lockdown and the Suffolk County Police Department was contacted. The individual responsible for the assault has been apprehended and is currently in police custody. Emergency responders have arrived on site and are treating the injured student.”

Lucas Leguizamon, 13, told CBS2: “There was a kid and they were like fighting and then he pulled out a knife and he stabbed him in the leg and there was blood everywhere. I just went to class and everybody was screaming. The teachers were running around.”

“One of the teachers had blood all over her pants. It’s just sad to me that people do this to other people,” Sandy Velasquez from the 7th grade said.

While the school superintendent said it was an isolated incident, some parents claimed the school has a pattern of bullying and harassment.

“There is a fight posted on social media on a weekly basis,” Eugenia Sailer told the outlet.

Sailer said she believed students need more mental health support, and had previously made her concern known to the school board.

“I inquired about metal detectors,” Sailer added. “Oh no, that’s not something parents want to see in the school. Well, maybe those parents may want to reconsider now.”

Representational image (Source: Pixabay / Wokandapix)