January 24, 2022

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Apple Increases Trade-In Values For Used iPhones; iMac Prices Significantly Dropped


  • Apple updated its list of trade-in values for its older products 
  • The iMac’s trade-in value surprisingly dropped by $130 
  • The trade-in values for some iPhones significantly increased

Apple just increased its trade-in prices for used devices. With its new list of trade-in value, consumers can now opt to purchase a new Apple product in exchange for their old one or have their iPhones recycled for free.

The technology company, which already made some changes to its trade-in prices last December, revealed the new list over the weekend, Business Insider has learned.

The maximum trade-in value for a used iPhone 11 Pro Max in good condition is now at $515 — an increase of $15. The iPhone 11 Pro, on the other hand, went up by $5 to $465 while the iPhone 11 went up by $20 to a maximum value of $380.

The iPad Pro also saw its value go up by $45, with its current trade-in price at $580 — quite a jump from its previous trade-in value of $535. The standard iPad trade-in value, however, has gone down by $15 to $235.

For Macbooks, the value of the Macbook Air dropped to $530 — down from the previous $600, while the iMac value saw a significant reduction of $130. The product’s current trade-in value is at $1,050.

It should be noted that the updated trade-in prices posted on Apple’s site reflects the maximum possible values for a product, MacRumors stated in a report.

The tech company’s trade-in program allows its customers to trade in their older devices and receive a certain amount of value for them. The estimated value could then be used for the purchase of a newer device produced by the company. 

Consumers who wish to trade in their smartphones will have to answer a few questions first about their older device’s model, condition and storage to get an estimate on their phone’s value. Depending on which service they choose, they can opt to receive it thru an Apple gift card, cash, or a check.

The easiest way to get a good estimate of a product’s trade-in value is to visit Apple’s website, where the list of maximum trade-in values for older devices is posted.

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