Aqui Es Texcoco Moves, Opens New Eatery in Chula Vista

De Cabeza A new Chula Vista restaurant from lamb barbacoa experts Aqui es Texcoco is now spotlighting another regional Mexican dish. De Cabeza features the Sonoran and Sinaloan specialty of cabeza en su jugo, a rich, beefy soup made using every part of a cow head, which is offered in half-pound and third-pound servings and accompanied by tortillas. Manager Jesús González told Eater that this new concept has been in the works for some time and was originally planned for a different location. However, when ownership found a larger location for Aqui es Texcoco, which recently relocated to the Las Tiendas Shopping Center at 520 Broadway in Chula Vista, they chose to keep Aqui es Texcoco’s former space and open De Cabeza in its place.
De Cabeza’s signature dish features cow head in a rich broth
Open everyday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., the eatery serves the dish surtido style, including a full mix of head meat, tongue, eye, cheek, and brain, or in any assortment. Other menu items include tacos, quesadillas, and alambre skillets stuffed with carne asada, al pastor pork, chicken, green chorizo, red chorizo, or any head meats. Craft beer and Mexican brews are also available.
“There was demand for authentic cabeza en su jugo, but there is no other place serving it in San Diego. We have already brought over lamb barbacoa and now we are bringing another regional specialty, but from Sonora and Sinaloa,” Gonzalez said.

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