Best Pyromancer Skills And Armor Mods


  • The Pyromancer excels in inflicting damage-over-time and crowd control effects over large distances
  • Armor mods allow for powerful synergies between class abilities
  • Pyromancers can be geared toward dealing strong single target or AoE damage

The Pyromancer class in “Outriders” has a mix of heavy burst, damage-over-time and crowd control abilities with strong single target and area-of-effect options. See the article : Who Is Alex Beresford? Weatherman Defends Meghan Markle, Prince Harry From Piers Morgan. Pyromancers can adapt to any weapon type or any situation based on the abilities they equip.

Pyromancer abilities truly shine once mods are unlocked. Not only do mods improve stats like damage and range, but there are some effects that create amazing synergies between skills. Here are some of the best skills and armor mods for the Pyromancer class in “Outriders.”

Overheat – Cinders Combo with Ash Blast

The Overheat skill lets out a radial blast that ignites enemies over a fairly large radius around the Pyromancer. If enemies are already ignited, Overheat will instead detonate the Burn status, causing moderate damage to every Burning enemy.

This ability is normally used together with Volcanic Rounds or Heatwave, but the Cinders armor mod opens up Overheat to one very strong combo.

With the Cinders mod installed, Overheat will detonate the Ash status instead of Burn. This makes the ability absurdly powerful against large groups of weak enemies when paired with Ash Blast. Coat enemies with Ash then activate Overheat to one-shot entire rooms while petrifying those that survive.

Feed The Flames is recommended to provide a source of single-target damage and healing, as well as an extra source of Ash.

Status Tank Build

This build makes use of Overheat with the Blacksmith and Ember Shield mods as well as Volcanic Rounds with Radiation Flames.

This is a more defense-oriented build that’s geared toward mitigating as much damage as possible. Whenever Overheat consumes a Burn stack, Blacksmith and Ember Shield will proc, granting the Pyromancer increased Armor and Resistance values.

Burn stacks will primarily be applied via an LMG with Volcanic Rounds active. Radiation Flames will decrease the damage dealt by enemies affected by Volcanic Rounds, further boosting player survivability. LMGs are recommended due to their high magazine capacities and the impressive accuracy of Stabilizing variants of the weapon type. An armor piece with the Stand Tall mod is also recommended.

Boss Killer Build

This build uses Heatwave with Health Leech, Feed The Flames with Anomaly Hunger and Eruption with Etna or Pompeii.

A Pyromancer’s Heatwave approaching an enemy in Outriders Photo: People Can Fly

The Pyromancer’s healing mechanic relies heavily on killing enemies, which is difficult to do against boss duels. Feed The Flames is a great emergency heal, but the lengthy cooldown can be problematic. This build will boost both Anomaly Power and Skill Leech while providing decent single-target and AoE damage thanks to multiple uses of Eruption.

Swap Eruption with F.A.S.E.R. Beam when fighting large bosses and supplement the remaining armor mod slot with either Irradiation Wave or Ride The Wave.