Bryce Hall Reacts To Addison Rae Split After Media Outlets Painted Him As The Villain


  • Bryce Hall’s fans voiced their support after media outlets painted him as the villain in his split from Addison Rae
  • Some of Hall’s fans encouraged him to just move on from Rae because she’s not the best person for him
  • Rae’s fans also showered her with supportive messages in her recent tweets after their split

Bryce Hall was not happy with the reports about his split from Addison Rae because he felt that he was being painted as the “villain” in their breakup. This may interest you : How Did Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Show Support To Veterans On Martin Luther King Jr. Day?.

Hall took to Twitter and responded to the reports about his split from Rae. In one post, he slammed the press.

“The media paints me as the villain, it’s actually so fu–ed lmao,” he tweeted Tuesday.

Prior to that, he wrote, “The petty is real.”

Hall’s tweets received mixed responses from other users. Many supported him and showered him with love.

“F–k the media. you know your truth and there are so many people here for you all the time. that’s what matters always, people will talk anyway because that’s what they like to do. Keep being you, you will achieve a lot more and i am here with you,” one fan wrote before adding, “People will never know what really goes on behind the screens. We know you, rest assured.”

“It’s actually so sad because no matter what happens in every situation you will always be the bad guy, but the ones who know will know that you have done nothing wrong,” another commented.

“Media will never know the truth about who you are, only you can know that and that’s enough i’m here for you bryce, by your side 4ever as you’ve been by my side in my worst moments,” a third user added.

Meanwhile, some encouraged him to move on and just let it go. They were not happy about the split and blamed it on Rae for allegedly believing the rumors.

“I know it may be hard but it’s time for you to move on.  Go find someone that trusts you no matter what is being said about you and doesn’t act like a 10 year old girl online to get attention,” one commented.

“Also at this point just be real it’s clear she doesn’t care about you since she brought this whole thing online like how bad was this damn fight,” another wrote.

“Love you Bro [laughing emoji], how on earth did you put up with that chick for so long. Damn, I would left the moment she said ‘I don’t know’ lol. Iykyk,” a dfferent user added.

Rae is currently promoting her debut single “Obsessed.” She also made several tweets on the same day that seemed to suggest that she is at odds with someone. While Hall’s fans showed him love, her fans also flooded her tweets with supportive messages.

“I love addison rae so much, stop hating she! she deserves this entire world,” one commented.

“The internet is full of toxicity, i know. if you need it, take time for yourself! we just want your happiness. your life is important to many people, i love you with all my heart wrote.

“… I love you, I’m manifesting good things for you,” a third user added.

Addison Rae With Bryce Hall Addison Rae With Bryce Hall Photo: addisonraee/Instagram