‘Create Private Account For Your Gossip Tweets’


  • Candace Owens tweeted about checking on Prince Harry after his most recent interview
  • Some Twitter users slammed Owens for constantly attacking the Sussexes without reason
  • Others sided with Owens and praised her for calling out Prince Harry and Meghan Markle  

Candace Owens’ tweet about checking on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle backfired when many slammed her for criticizing the Sussexes. On the same subject : ‘It Was An Organic, Collective Decision’.

On Sunday, Owens took to Twitter to post a statement that seemingly targeted Prince Harry. She urged the netizens to check on the royal couple after the Duke of Sussex’s most recent interview on “A Path Forward” aired Friday.

“It’s been 3 days since Prince Harry has offered another exclusive interview regarding how much he and Meghan hate his family,” she tweeted. “Can somebody check on them?”

Several netizens reacted to Owens’ tweet, with many slamming her for constantly attacking the Sussexes. One even advised her to just create a new private account for her gossip.

“How does this even concern you? Please use your large platform to focus on real life issues. You can create a private account for your gossip tweets,” the netizen commented.

“Or she can tweet about her family for once, never seen her posting anything about her family. ls she ashamed of her parents? But she is always on about celebrities families so she can trend,” another user wrote.

“You come out hard against bullying.  But this? How are they relevant to politics in the US? Why did it matter.. if he has things to say, let him say it.  It’s unclear why this is such a new focus for you,” a third netizen added.

“Personally candace I think you an amazing [woman] and I admire you a lot  but I sometimes think you very nasty to Meghan Markle who you don’t know and never spoken too her face to face. Which to me is unfair the way you come across about women that you don’t know is very sad,” a fourth user added.

Meanwhile, many also sided with Owens. Just like the “Blackout” author, they agreed that Prince Harry and Markle were speaking too much even though they have said before that they want to have a private life.

“Prince Harry and His wife want privacy guys. That’s why they are doing more interviews,” one wrote with laughing emoji.

“I love that she is calling them out. They have lied continually and made ridiculous racism claims. I love that Candice is calling them out and is not falling for their racism card which is so damaging and divisive to the family and the world,” a second netizen added in support of Owens.

“For them to move here because they want privacy from the media, but all they’ve been doing is putting themselves in the lime light! All for money!” a third user commented.

“Maybe that’s the only way to escape the family; go big enough, fast enough, hard enough so they won’t be able to retaliate. How did his mother die? your awesome Candice,” a fourth user wrote.

Owens claimed in another tweet that Prince Harry could be in an emotionally abusive relationship with Markle. She said it was disturbing to watch Prince Harry on TV and blamed Markle for it.

“I cannot say enough that Prince Harry is in an emotionally abusive relationship. Meghan has groomed him to believe that she is his mother reincarnate—only this time, he has a chance to save her,” she wrote on Twitter.

Owens added that she saw classic signs of emotional abuse and Freudian transference like Prince Harry being completely isolated from his family and his country. She noted that Prince Harry “needs to be saved” from his own wife.

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan have given an ‘intimate’ interview with US chat show host Oprah Winfrey Photo: POOL / DAN HIMBRECHTS