Dragon’s Blood’ Season 2 Is In The Works, Valve Confirms


  • “Dragon’s Blood Book II” is officially in the works
  • The first season of “Dragon’s Blood” was mostly praised by viewers and critics
  • The show was also criticized for its somewhat messy storyline

The animated series “DOTA: Dragon’s Blood” is already getting a second season about a month after its release on Netflix, much to the joy of the anime’s fans and the wider “DOTA” community in general. This may interest you : Buckingham Palace ‘Very Concerned’ About Meghan Markle Bullying Royal Staff Allegation, Will Investigate Issue.

The announcement was made via the official DOTA 2 Twitter account that is being handled by Valve. The company’s tweet confirmed that the “Dragon’s Blood Book II” is currently being developed, but no other information was shared. It’s safe to assume that the second season has already entered pre-production stage.

“DOTA: Dragon’s Blood” tells the story of Davion, a young Dragon Knight and one of the game’s many playable heroes, as he gets unwittingly involved in a greater conflict between elves, demons and dragons.

Many fans see “Dragon’s Blood” as an attempt by Valve to expand the rich lore that they’ve built around “DOTA” after they acquired the rights to the original game. Due to the first “DOTA’s” nature as a mod for Blizzard’s “Warcraft 3,” Valve was forced to rewrite the game’s lore to avoid copyright issues. This has led to some characters having their names and entire backstories changed for copyright’s sake.

The changes that were required eventually led to a total reimagining of the world of “DOTA,” with completely new facets of the lore that were otherwise absent in the game’s original iteration. Staples of the high fantasy genre like elves, dragons and beastmen are still present in “DOTA 2,” but they have since been touched up and expanded upon with Valve’s signature creative style.

Davion, the Dragon Knight, as he appears in Dragon’s Blood. Photo: Dragon’s Blood Official Trailer

Fans are hoping that “Dragon’s Blood Book II” will visit more of the game’s vast yet largely underrepresented universe as the first season gave viewers a fresh look into how characters of the game live and interact with one another.

“Dragon’s Blood” was met with generally positive reviews from viewers and critics. The show’s attempt at fleshing out the world of “DOTA” was appreciated by many and the interactions between Davion and the other characters were seen in a positive light. However, the storyline was criticized for being somewhat hard to follow and overloaded with in-game lore.

Whether or not the story will concentrate on a more centralized conflict in the second season is yet to be seen as fans wait for more information from either Valve or Netflix.