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‘Final Fantasy XIV’ PS5 Open Beta Begins Later This Month: How To Join


  • The “Final Fantasy XIV” PS5 Open Beta will start on April 13
  • Players can sign up by downloading the beta version with their PSN accounts
  • Players will be able to use their existing characters and game data on the beta version

A next-gen upgrade for “Final Fantasy XIV” is coming soon, and Square Enix is launching an open beta to help iron out some of the game’s existing bugs and gather player feedback. See the article : John Oliver’s 2018 Advice To Meghan Markle Before Royal Wedding Resurfaces After Oprah Interview.

The announcement was made on the official “Final Fantasy XIV” Twitter account. The video game company is currently looking for beta testers who own a PS5 to come help out with the development of the game.

The open beta is open to new and existing “FF14” users. Current players of the PS4 version will be able to transfer their existing characters and game data to the PS5 open beta while new PS5 players will have access to all of the content available in the game’s trial version.

The PS5 version will have all the features players would expect from a next-gen version, including “true” 4K support, vastly improved loading times, increased FPS, 3D audio support and compatibility with the DualSense controller’s haptic feedback.

The Diamond Weapon, a boss featured in Final Fantasy 14 Shadowbringers. Photo: Square Enix

Square Enix has detailed the steps players will need to follow if they want to join the open beta, which will launch on April 13. They are found below:

PS4 Physical Edition Owners

  1. On a PS5, sign-in using the same PSN account tied to your PS4 “FF14” account.
  2. Visit the “Final Fantasy XIV” store page on the PlayStation Store.
  3. Select the […] button on the page menu then select the “Final Fantasy XIV PS5 Upgrade Edition (Beta Version)” option.
  4. Play the game once the download is complete. Note that game time is still required to play the beta version.

PS4 Digital Edition Owners

  1. On a PS5, sign-in using the same PSN account tied to your PS4 “FF14” account.
  2. Select “Final Fantasy XIV” from the Game Library.
  3. Select the “PS5 Upgrade Edition” option found on the right side of the game.
  4. Download the Beta Version from the store page.
  5. Launch the PS5 version of “Final Fantasy XIV” from the main game screen once the download is complete.

New PS5 Users

New players will simply have to download the “Final Fantasy XIV Free Trial” from the PlayStation Store on their PS5. This will automatically register their existing PSN accounts to the “FF14” servers as trial accounts.