‘Game Of Love’ Hallmark Movie Premiere: Trailer, Synopsis, Cast

It’s still not quite time for the official start of Hallmark’s “Spring Into Love” event, but that doesn’t mean fans won’t still be getting a new premiere to hold them over in the meantime, as the network is once again airing a new title on Saturday night. The film, “Game of Love,” stars Kimberley Sustad and Brooks Darnell.

While fans will be seeing the two on screen together for the first time, they will also be in for a treat as they are likely familiar with both stars and the work they have previously done on the network. Sustad is a familiar face who has appeared in films for years, with her most recent credits including “A Godwink Christmas” and “North to Home” on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries the last few years, as well as “Cooking With Love,” “Sense, Sensibility and Snowmen,” “Wedding Every Weekend,” “Christmas By Starlight,” “The Nine Kittens of Christmas,” “Lights, Camera, Christmas!” and “Three Wise Men and a Baby.”

As for Darnell, his recent credits have included Hallmark Movies & Mysteries’ “A Christmas Miracle,” as well as Hallmark Channel’s “A Winter Getaway,” “Advice to Love By” and “Holiday Heritage.”

So what can fans expect from the film? Let’s find out.

“Audrey Watson (Sustad) is put in charge of developing a new board game that is all about romantic love. To make sure things happen on a faster-than-normal schedule, she is paired with outside marketing consultant Matthew Reynolds (Darnell),” a synopsis reads. “The only problem is that these two have entirely different ways of working and views on the subject of love.”

It quickly becomes evident that the two are not a match made in work heaven, and they have to learn to overcome their individual issues in order to build a successful product—which shockingly leads to something more.

“Their attempts at working together end in disaster because the game in no way reflects what it’s like to meet and fall in love with the right someone. They soon realize they are influenced by their own mistakes in the dating world; while Audrye is too independent, Matt is preoccupied with looking the part and making the right impression,” the synopsis continues. “In order to build a successful board game that captures the art of romance, both have to figure out what they’re doing wrong and start working together as a team. Unexpectedly, helping each other begets a deeper attraction.”

However, when tragedy strikes with their work project, it will take everything to save what they’ve built outside of the office.

“When the game risks being canceled, Audrey gets cold feet and pushes Matthew away,” the synopsis concludes. “To hold onto everything that matters to her, she must confront her fears and find the right way to win the game of love.”

“Game of Love” airs Saturday, March 11 at 8 p.m. EST on Hallmark Channel.

Brooks Darnell and Kimberley Sustad star in “Game of Love.”
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