Infant Hospitalized After ‘Self-Styled’ Doctor Uses Hot Iron Rod On Chest To Cure Cough

A “self-styled doctor” used an iron rod to cure a 2-month-old baby of her cough in the state of Gujarat, India, local officials said.

The accused, identified as Devrajbhai Katara, was arrested Sunday, and the infant’s mother is also facing charges.

The incident came to light after the baby girl was taken to the hospital with breathing complications on Feb. 9. Doctors examined her and found that she was branded with a hot iron rod on her chest and her stomach, according to NDTV.

“She was put on oxygen support in the ICU. During the treatment, we found that she was branded on chest … This increased her complications,” a doctor reportedly said.

An investigation ensued, and officials found that the infant girl had a cough last week and was taken to Katara when home remedies showed no improvement.

“The baby suffered from cough and phlegm a week ago and her parents tried a local cure at home, but she did not get relief. Thereafter, the child’s mother took her to one Devrajbhai Katara,” Mahedu said.

The self-styled doctor is accused of using a hot iron rod on the infant’s chest and stomach as a means of curing the cough, causing further health complications, according to Deccan Herald.

When the child’s condition did not improve, she was taken to the hospital, where doctors found signs of Katara’s bizarre attempt at curing the girl’s cough.

Though hospitalized, the baby was said to be in stable condition.

Officials said the infant’s father filed a complaint that led to Katara being arrested for voluntarily causing hurt by means of any instrument likely to cause death among other charges. The infant’s mother is also facing charges for the incident, officials said.

A similar incident was reported earlier this month in India after a 3-month-old baby died from being branded with a hot iron 20 times in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The child, suffering from acute pneumonia, was taken to a local healer by her parents to find a cure. The healer used what she referred to as “traditional methods” to cure the ailments; however, the infant’s condition worsened and she was taken to a hospital. The infant eventually passed away.

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