Is Mama June Bidding Goodbye To Reality TV?


  • Mama June said in an interview that she thinks their time as reality stars could end soon
  • Many fans quickly speculated that it was her way of saying goodbye to reality TV
  • The controversial matriarch addressed the speculations saying they are not going anywhere for now

Many have been wondering if Mama June and her family will continue doing reality TV after this season of their show “Mama June: From Not Hot” ever since the controversial matriarch gave an interview hinting at the possibility of them being done with the showbiz industry. This may interest you : Shia LaBeouf, CAA Part Ways Following Sexual Battery Allegations And While Actor Receives Inpatient Treatment

On Thursday, Mama June Shannon, 41, did an exclusive interview with Entertainment Tonight to give major updates about their life as a family as their show, subtitled “Road To Redemption,” featured what transpired between them months ago.

Among the things that Mama June discussed in the interview was her feeling that their careers as reality stars could be coming to an end really soon. Though she appreciates the support of the fans, she questioned the need for them to continue documenting their “boring” lives on camera.

“We honestly think our life is kind of boring even though our life is kind of crazy and chaotic. But you know, there’s been those fans that have loved us there and in between,” she said. 

“And in a way I do feel like it may be close to the time for us to just kind of, kind of like the Kardashians, to just bow out and say, ‘Thank you, we appreciate it.’  You know, we may have, like, one more season in us, and … at that point, what more is there to film?”

Her 21-year-old daughter, Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon, also echoed the same sentiment saying she’s fine with the idea of them walking away from reality TV and living a normal life moving forward. However, she acknowledged that doing the show has helped them pay the bills, among many other things.

It was not the first time for Pumpkin to voice such a sentiment. In April, she dropped a bombshell when she revealed in an interview that though she enjoys the income from the show, she’s now yearning to quit it and work her way to become a nurse, so she could live a normal life. 

Because of their statements, many fans have been asking on social media if the We TV stars are retiring after the fifth season of their show. Many fans have been asking Mama June about it on her social media accounts as well.

To address the concerns, Mama June took to Instagram Sunday to share a video clip of her talking to the fans. In the clip, she straightforwardly denies the speculations that she and her family have decided to quit reality TV. She also wrote a lengthy caption explaining what’s really going on. 

“PSA Because I have been getting a lot of messages since I posted that story earlier tonight I wanted to let y’all know that mama June and family are not going anywhere when it is our time to bow out and take her life off the TV yall will be the first to know long b4 that happen we would just disappear on y’all we love y’all and we appreciate all the support that y’all have gave us and continue to give us N it’s going to be 10 years October 12, 2021 we love you,” she wrote. 

Mama June Pictured: Mama June Shannon attending the Ketel One VIP Red Carpet Suite at the 24th Annual GLAAD Media Awards at the Marriott Marquis in New York on March 16, 2013. Photo: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images