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Man stabbed, officer injured in fight following road rage

A road rage incident in Pacific Beach escalated to a stabbing and a fight with several police officers Saturday night.

San Diego Police Officer Darius Jamsecjee said a woman who was involved in the road rage incident pulled into the parking lot of the Pacific Beach Library on Cass Street at about 6:45 p.m. and discovered she had been followed by the other vehicle.

An Uber driver who witnessed what was happening intervened and told the man in the other car to leave the woman alone, Jamsecjee said.

The man in the other vehicle came toward the Uber driver and told him he was a convicted felon, he said. The Uber driver pulled a knife to defend himself and slashed the man’s arm, Jamsecjee said.

A police officer arrived, and the wounded man ran away. The officer chased and caught the man, who struggled and kicked the officer in the face.

Jamsecjee said other officers arrived to help subdue the man, who was arrested and taken to a hospital to have his wounds treated, Jamsecjee said. The Uber driver also was detained but not arrested, he said.