Philanthropy Roundup: May 2019

If you’re a philanthropist, your schedule might make it hard to keep up with the latest news, topics and emerging trends in the world of giving back.

That’s why we’re making it easier for you to stay current.

Our “Philanthropy Roundup” posts highlight stories – at the local and national level – that are valuable to our readers and will keep you up to date in the world of philanthropy. Check out the articles below.

Philanthropy Roundup

The Bond Between Impact Investing and Philanthropy
Financial Advisor Magazine

More and more donors are exploring and pursuing new strategies for giving. One of those is impact investing. On the same subject : Mexican-Style Frozen Popsicle Shop Landing in Little Italy. High-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth donors are beginning to see the value of using some of their capital as another way to address the issues they care about most. Whether they are making direct investments in social enterprises or seeking investments  aligned with sustainable development goals, they are seeking an expanded approach to reaching their charitable giving goals.

In San Diego, a Corporate Funder Galvanizes a New Effort to Fight Human Trafficking
Inside Philanthropy

Human trafficking is a big problem worldwide, in the U.S., in California, and in the San Diego school system. The San Diego Trafficking Prevention Collective (SDTPC) is a collaborative effort between public and private sectors to address this devastating issue by educating teachers and youth. The article talks about the many organizations, including the San Diego Women’s Foundation, that are stepping up to combat this issue.

Breaking The Cycle Of Disinvestment In Lower-Income Communities

It’s not uncommon for people who want to start businesses in lower-income neighborhoods to have trouble getting bank loans. But increasingly, there are investors looking specifically to help businesses in those areas, with the aim of reversing the cycle of disinvestment. NPR profiles a San Diego business and Mission Driven Finance, a partner with The San Diego Foundation that is working to bridge the gap between traditional profit-motivated investing and philanthropy that focuses on economic development.

Meet Three Women Who Are Transforming Philanthropy Towards Collaboration

Moving philanthropy from an ego-system to an ecosystem is one of the three big bets that female philanthropists are making. More female philanthropists are rising up and creating strategic initiatives centered around collaboration. This article profiles three female thought leaders in this space, who are all working with diverse collectives.

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