September 29, 2022

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Prince Harry’s Life Is ‘Too Much For Him’; Duke Should Stop Being A ‘Woke Lecturing Celebrity,’ Royal Biographer Says


  • Royal biographer Angela Levin called Prince Harry dreadful for thinking he will lose Meghan Markle like his mom Princess Diana
  • Levin added that Prince Harry’s life sounds too much for him after his revelations about his family in his recent interviews
  • Twitter users have mixed opinions on Levin’s tweet with some agreeing with her and others defending Prince Harry

Prince Harry has been speaking too much about his life as a royal in his recent interviews, and one royal expert feels that his royal life could be “too much for him. See the article : How Did Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Show Support To Veterans On Martin Luther King Jr. Day?.”

In the Apple TV+ docuseries “The Me You Can’t See,” the Duke of Sussex claimed that he didn’t get the help he expected from his family. He also alleged that his wife Meghan Markle was a victim of the firm and the media’s coordinated smear campaign.

“Because of the headlines and that combined effort of the firm and the media to smear her, I was woken in the middle of the night to [Meghan] crying in her pillow because she doesn’t want to wake me up — because I’m already carrying too much,” Prince Harry said in the docuseries. “That’s heartbreaking. I held her. We talked. She cried, and she cried and she cried.”

Royal biographer Angela Levin, author of “Harry: Conversations With The Prince,” felt that the duke made it sound like his “life is too much for him.” She also urged the duke to stop what he is doing.

“How dreadful if Harry constantly thinks that he will lose Meghan like he did Diana and blames racism. Plus can’t get rid of M’s threat to commit suicide.  His life sounds too much for him and he should back away from being a woke lecturing celebrity,” Levin tweeted.

Her tweet received mixed responses from Twitter users. Some agreed with her while others supported Prince Harry because they believed that he had a purpose for sharing everything he said in the interviews.

“Exactly Angela there are so many contradictions from what Harry is saying now to what he said in the past about his family. If Harry really believes the press are after M then why take her to US and court even more? They can quite easily live a reserved life doing charity work,” one commented.

“My other concern in addition to those you’ve expressed is a fear he could do more harm that good. His entire sad life is not a qualification to help others. If someone like H with all privilege can’t move on, how can those without wealth recover. It’s not for amateurs,” another added.

“He is Diana NOT Meghan. Diana was caught in this toxic relationship with the press and her mental health and paranoia spiralled out of control with increasingly erratic behaviour. Now Oprah and others are exploiting him for $$$ – yes Harry, history is repeating itself. V sad,” a third user wrote.

Several netizens defended Prince Harry from Levin after the latter seemingly attacked the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. One user even compared her to Piers Morgan, another critic of Prince Harry and Markle, and joked that they should get engaged.

“I believe that Harry as a normal red blooded man is being brave. I predict if he continues to give his heart to humanity and live by his belief,” a fourth user supporting Prince Harry commented.

“Gosh, you really are a Harry and Meghan troll. You and Piers Morgan should get engaged!” another wrote with a laughing emoji.

“How terrible that, despite the recent revelations about the BBC, British journalists are still participating in a propaganda campaign against H&M.  How terrible that people like AL are playing such an active part in subjecting H&M to ongoing media harassment,” a third user added.

Levin reacted to Prince Harry’s podcast interview with Dax Shepard last week. According to her, he might have lied when he said Markle was the one who encouraged him to get help because he said otherwise in their previous interview and stressed that it was his big brother, Prince William, who advised him to seek therapy.

“When I interviewed at length in Kensington Palace in 2017, I asked him if he was going because Meghan suggested it. I asked if she had persuaded him. He said, ‘Absolutely not, she’s had nothing to do with it, it was William,'” Levin said.

Prince Harry MANCHESTER, ENGLAND – SEPTEMBER 04: Prince Harry visits the NHS Manchester Resilience Hub on September 4, 2017 in Manchester, England. Photo: Chris Jackson – Pool/Getty Images