Russian Soldier Says During Intercepted Call About Returning Home


  • Details of an intercepted call between a Russian occupier and his wife were revealed by Ukrainian officials
  • The soldier expressed his concerns over when he can return home
  • He also said his comrades whose contract have expired are also not being allowed to go home

Ukraine’ Defense Intelligence has released an intercepted call between a Russian occupier and his wife, where the man says February will be a decisive month. To see also : Death Toll In Chile Forest Fires Rises To 22: Official.

He also mentions there are only two ways to return home–either in a coffin or the war in Ukraine comes to an end.

“They say February will be a decisive month because they pull the troops together. We pulled together our troops and new military equipment, khokhols (a Russian derogatory term for Ukrainians) pulled the equipment too. This month will probably be decisive. We will either win or screw up, and the war will continue,” the soldier said in the call,” Pravda reported, citing Defense Intelligence of Ukraine.

“They told us that maybe they will let mobilized soldiers go on vacation in half a year or in a year, but in general, we will stay here until the end of the military operation (‘ special military operation’ is a Russian term for the war with Ukraine – ed.). They don’t even want to let the contractors go. Wanna know the truth? There is only one way to come back home. Well, there are two ways: the first way is in a coffin, and the second is at the end of this war. When it is all over then, maybe, I will come back,” the soldier told his wife.

The latest intercepted call comes as concerns grew in Ukraine over a fresh attack likely to be carried out by Russia as the invasion completes one year on Feb. 24.

On Sunday, Ukraine’s Air Force reported the Russian military used a reconnaissance drone and several spy balloons in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast as tensions in the region continue to erupt.

The Ukrainian Air Force also denied claims that Moscow used Shahed drones in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast.

“Information about Shaheds used by the enemy in Dnipropetrovsk region on the evening of Feb.12, which is being circulated on some Telegram channels, is incorrect,” the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said.

“The enemy used a reconnaissance UAV and several balloons with corner reflectors. Air defense units of Air Command Skhid (East) targeted the enemy UAV. The outcome is being established,” the statement added.

Earlier, Vitalii Kim, head of Mykolaiv Oblast Military Administration and Mykola Lukashuk, head of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast Council, said Shahed drones were seen near the city of Dnipro. However, the claims were refuted by Air Force Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The Russia Ukraine war will complete one year on Feb. 24.