San Diego Board members approve policy to construct affordable housing

San Diego (KUSI) – The San Diego County Supervisory Board unanimously approved a new policy to build affordable homes through a voucher program on Wednesday. As suggested by supervisors Terra Lawson-Remer and Nora Vargas, the Director of the Health and Welfare Agency develops plans to expand the project-based voucher. This includes:

— Analysis of voucher turnover and transfers, expected fair market rents, and the number of vouchers available for 5 years.

— Analysis of the voucher wait list system.When

— Award vouchers for housing projects that use sustainable building materials and sustainable design principles near busy areas.

The county housing corporation committee voted in favor of this proposal as part of a joint session with supervisors. “I haven’t taken that leadership for too long,” Lawson Lemmer said at a meeting on Tuesday when supervisors discussed the housing crisis but didn’t have access to the tools available. She said the voucher policy would address production rather than waiting for the market to intervene.

Vargas said the county is responsible for expanding more affordable housing options. This is part of her “family and community first” agenda, including support services. Supervisor Joel Anderson said he supported the voucher policy but hoped to reassess it next year.

“If we go this way and it’s not produced … it doesn’t help any district,” Anderson said, adding that getting a building permit isn’t enough. “I want to move-I want to take people home,” he said.

In the last decade, the region “produces only very low-income homes enough to meet 10% of needs,” according to information posted on the board agenda, so residences of less than $ 54,000. One needs 32,000 very low-income units. Per year.

Project-based vouchers are “underutilized resources managed by the San Diego County Housing Department, strategically deployed, new affordable housing in low-poverty, resource-rich areas. You can create opportunities and create private housing for vulnerable populations such as low-income earners-income families, the elderly, people with disabilities, and formerly homeless people, “says the county. .. Wednesday’s actions follow late Tuesday’s board approval of some policies for building homes for working families without building in rural areas near fire hazards.

As proposed by Lawson-Remer, this policy addresses land and construction costs, income / wealth gaps, and lack of regional solutions. They include:

— Have the county acquire real estate and save it for residential use.

— If developers receive an increase in zoning that adds value to their land, they need affordable housing.

— Rapid tracking and reduction of bureaucracy for environmentally friendly and affordable housing projects.When

— Create a permanent community fund that serves as a source of funding for developers and anyone who wants to buy a home.

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