San Diego business partners make waves in pools around the country with new toy

Patrick Frank and George Kramb have had the “Pool Punisher” on the market since April 2021.

SAN DIEGO COUNTY, Calif. — The “Pool Punisher,” the inflatable tank with a water cannon attached is the brainchild of San Diego natives Patrick Frank and George Kramb. 

George got the epiphany after his son Maverick got a little too tired with pool noodles and floaties.

“We started buying all these pool floats. And they’re rather boring,” said Kramb. “We went back into the house and he was playing with his military tanks and I was looking at it…and I was like, man, wouldn’t that be cool if we put that in the pool?”

The duo put the punisher in the pool earlier this year and have seen a big uptick in sales during the hot summer months. 

Though he’s had a few ideas in the past that haven’t quite panned out, Kramb’s is just happy to see something he created in pools everywhere.

“It was like, whoa, there’s people out there that think this is just as cool as I do. I felt very honored to feel that way.” said Kramb. 

If you’d like to purchase one for yourself, they suggest buying it directly from their website here.

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