San Diego County Reports 58 New COVID-19 Cases, And For 3rd Straight Day, No Deaths

Coronavirus test at San Diego State University.University courtesy

San Diego County Health authorities Reported 58 New COVID-19 case There have been no deaths on Sunday and for the third consecutive day.

The number of patients admitted with COVID-19 increased by 4 to 115, and the number of patients requiring intensive care increased by 1 to a total of 42.

With new numbers, the county’s number of cases increased to 280,208, but deaths remained at 3,756.

The California Public Health Service reported 10.79 new COVID cases and 7 deaths on Sunday, bringing the total number of states during the pandemic to 3.68 million. The death toll across the state has increased to 62,006.

According to the report, there are 33.25 million cases of COVID-19 and 594,430 deaths nationwide. Coronavirus Resource Center At John Hopkins Medical College.