August 8, 2022

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San Diego ‘dancing nurse’ helping Texas battle 2 disasters

SAN ANGELO, Tex. (KGTV) – A San Diego nurse is batting two disasters in Texas – a deadly winter storm and COVID-19. Ana Wilkinson went viral as the ‘dancing nurse’ over the course of the pandemic. Now, she’s helping patients in the Lone Star State stay positive during a time of crisis.

Wilkinson not only treated patients in hard hit New York and Texas, but she brought them joy through dancing.

“They needed someone to dance and I’m the dance queen,” said Wilkinson.

The traveling nurse was called to San Angelo in January to help battle COVID-19. Just a few weeks later, the state was hit by a deadly winter storm that left millions without power and heat.

Wilkinson says her hotel has electricity, but the running water isn’t safe. Even her hospital is using bottled water for handwashing.

“We all take a bus but we’re leaving super early because of the weather,” said Wilkinson. “Instead of sleeping a little bit more we’re actually leaving an hour early. We’re working six days a week.”

Patients she’s seeing in the ER are struggling to survive.

“They’re freezing, they’re like 20 degrees in their house,” said Wilkinson. “Dialysis clinics are closed. They’re scared, they’re anxious, that’s when I come in and try to change it around.”


She contracted and recovered from COVID-19 earlier this year but never let it break her spirit.

“I always tell people, ‘there’s a reason why I met you, there’s a reason I’m going to make your day, make you happy. You’re going to watch my dance moves.”’

Wilkinson says she doesn’t now where she’ll be sent next, but her dance moves will be right there with her.

“I think if we bring more positivity in this world, we can change so many attitudes and that’s what I do,” said Wilkinson. “Wherever they need an Ana I’ll go.”