San Diego Man Detained After He Unknowingly Nearly Smuggled Migrants Across Border – NBC 7 San Diego

San Diego’s grandfather is worried that he may soon be deported to drive from Tijuana, Mexico to the United States, along with two undocumented people who said he sneaked into the van. I will.

And, according to some explanations, he’s not the only one.

“I’m afraid of my life. I don’t know what else they can do for me,” he said. A San Diego man who asked not to be identified by name said what happened to him at the San Isidro border checkpoint on Friday was a warning.

“It was a scam,” he exclaimed.

Hoping to make some extra money after losing his job as a driver during a pandemic, the four fathers jumped into his van and asked for clothing delivery from an American store online. After responding to the post, I headed to Tijuana.

Some say it’s not uncommon these days because access to border crossings and goods is restricted in pandemics.

“They sent me a list of what they wanted, so when it’s all legal and sometimes trying to do good for people, I tell you that it brings misery. That’s why, “said the man.

Misery has started high gear for men in San Diego in their 50s. He recorded his movements and informed his family that he was safe. Immediately after taking a picture at a border crossing, US Customs and Border Protection officials detained him for hours.

Police accused him of trying to smuggle the two into the United States. The two he said he didn’t even know he was in his van when CBP checked it.

“He went back, opened the door, came back to me, called the code, stopped your car and said, and he began to grab me from my arm,” I cuff you. I’m going. ” I said, “What’s going on?” Looking back, I saw 10 agents running towards my car, and obviously I started-I was worried about myself and started asking what was happening. What’s in my van? And they asked me not to turn my back on it. They said they wouldn’t look back. “

After he was detained, his van and permanent residence card were confiscated and he is now awaiting a hearing for deportation.

“It’s not fair for someone to change your life,” he said with his daughter sitting next to him.

Social media posts show pop-ups that warn people about similar scams. CBP does not comment on this incident or possible trends.

“My dad is honestly angry because he feels innocent and uses people who live a safe life as Americans. And so targeted, It just doesn’t sit with me, “said his daughter.

CBP did not address specific questions about how often this could occur, but issued a statement outlining the responsibilities of drivers across the United States.

“CBP cannot comment on this particular case. CBP wants to tell travelers that they are responsible for everything, including all cross-border goods and people in the car. At the airport. To ensure content, CBP recommends that you take care before considering bringing in anyone, luggage, or other items that are not yours across national borders. As a driver, you are advised. Is responsible for those items. If you are interacting with CBP staff and you suspect something is wrong with your vehicle, you should immediately inform the staff of the allegations and seek their assistance. “

San Diego Man Detained After He Unknowingly Nearly Smuggled Migrants Across Border – NBC 7 San Diego Source link San Diego Man Detained After He Unknowingly Nearly Smuggled Migrants Across Border – NBC 7 San Diego