San Diego Pride to unveil details of in-person, virtual events for 2021

SAN DIEGO – San Diego LGBT Pride will announce Thursday details for its in-person and online events for 2021, a contrast from last year’s completely virtual ceremonies due to the pandemic.

“We are so excited to be able to bring people back together again this year,” said Fernando Lopez, executive director of San Diego LGBT Pride. “Last year for Pride, we were 100% virtual. This year we’re going to be doing a little bit of both.

“It’s going to be some virtual stuff and a lot of in-person gathering.”

Hosting virtual events last year helped build connections that would not have happened otherwise, but some of the vibrancy of the event is lost without in-person interactions, Lopez said.

“For LGBTQ folks, I think so often we’re in the closet or isolated or separated from family,” he said. “And COVID had disproportionate impacts in our community, so knowing that we can do what Pride is best at: bringing folks together, celebrating, protesting and just finding family and joy. I just can’t wait.”

Longtime activist Nicole Murray Ramirez and community leader “Big Mike” Phillips say from the first San Diego event downtown in 1975 to last summer’s virtual events to this year’s hybrid model, the mission remains the same.

“It reminds people, as I said, that our fight for equality still continues even to this day,” Murray Ramirez said.

“The opportunity to be able to get out amongst ourselves and to show each other the love and kindness that we have as an LGBT community,” Phillips said.

Though specific details of the events and capacity limits are to be announced this week, some dates already are set for activities held for Pride 2021.

The schedule of events includes:

  • July 10: She Fest;
  • July 14: Light Up the Cathedral interfaith celebration;
  • July 16: Spirit of Stonewall Rally;
  • July 16-18: Virtual Pride 5K;
  • July 17: Pride Live; and
  • July 17-18: Pride Community Events held throughout San Diego County.

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