San Diego Zoo Safari Park Gorilla Troop Make Full Recovery from COVID-19 – NBC 7 San Diego

The western lowland gorilla troop at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park have made a full recovery after testing positive for COVID-19 in January, the zoo reported Saturday.

Now, the guests are once again able to see the gorilla troop back at the park.

“We’re so grateful for the outpouring concern and support we’ve received while the troop safely recovered,” said Lisa Peterson, executive director of the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. “We’re thrilled to share the joy that this beloved troop brings to our community and to our guests.”

Several gorillas tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 on Jan. 11. The entire troop remained under close observation following the diagnosis when some gorillas showed symptoms including mild coughing, congestion, nasal discharge and intermittent lethargy, the San Diego Zoo Global (SDZG) said.

The conservation organization joined forces with more than a dozen local, state and national leaders in the medical, scientific, zoological and public health communities to treat the apes.

Guests can visit the gorilla troop at their home in the safari park’s Gorilla Forest.

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