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Storm Ventures Group Gears Up For Its 9th Annual “Win The Storm” Conference

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Storm Ventures Group Gears Up For Its 9th Annual “Win The Storm” Conference

The CEO and founder of Storm Ventures Group, Anthony Delmedico, is hosting another giant Win The Storm conference and tradeshow expo for general contracting, restoration, roofing, and solar companies worldwide. Here attendees gain advanced education, training, technology, and tactics to help property owners recover after large storms and catastrophic events. It’s time to tackle solutions for storm recovery and bring in more skilled labor.

Storm Ventures Group
Storm Ventures Group

When that storm hits, there is no set timeline for recovery, and the rebuilding process will first require a full assessment of the damage. Some buildings will need to be replaced or restored, others demolished.

But when the dreaded phone call rings, a shortage of labor in the US creates major concern to the communities that need it most.

Each year, residents continuously face life-ruining storms. They undergo catastrophic events that could rack up millions per incident in insurance claims, and there’s no doubt that it will drift away any time soon.

And lodged in between one of the biggest industries currently facing an extreme lack of labor, training, and development is buried within one of the largest employment sectors in a working-age population.

Enter the construction and restoration space.

“There are many issues across the explosive $100B+ storm and catastrophic event industry,” shares the CEO and founder of Storm Ventures Group (SVG), Anthony Delmedico. But one concern that stands out is rooted in getting feet on the ground.

According to a model developed by Associated Builders and Contractors, “the construction industry will need to attract nearly 650,000 additional workers on top of the normal pace of hiring to meet the demand for labor.”

To break this narrative, Delmedico and his team of experts took matters into their own hands by opening up a consulting management and joint venture firm {SVG}, which focused primarily on catastrophe management.

The SVG team brings over 25 years of experience in commercial and residential construction, insurance restoration, and best practices in construction management to the rapidly growing insurance restoration industry.

An example of one solution to the labor shortage concerns was the SVG University (SVG U) Virtual Reality (VR) Goggles, launched a few years ago.

“These provide a 360-degree virtual reality environment and come packed with the SVG U VR Training App, VR Training Room, and several VR industry-specific courses to help contractors recruit, onboard, and train employees,” shares Delmedico.

The idea was that no matter the weather, contractors can train indoors in a real-life virtual platform with a laser pointer and goggles, saving hundreds of hours of training alone and providing proven systems for higher management.

But that’s not all.

“Previous underinvestment in technology for training and development has been the root cause of low productivity,” he says. “Yes, the construction industry utilizes an amazing array of technology to improve job safety, performance, customer service enhancements, property, and site monitoring – but the industry is still seriously lagging.”

“The competitive landscape is ever-changing, and our Virtual Reality training has filled a massive void in the market. But companies have two choices: evolve or dissolve. This is one of many tools and systems we’ve launched in our SVG University training platform,” says Delmedico.

What makes them stand out is the content. SVG U includes a course library of hands-on, engaging, industry-specific training videos with courses, chapters, and testing to help contractors scale.

“The labor shortage in this industry is astounding. Recruiting and staffing is the number one

complaint from contractors across the industry,” shares Delmedico. “But we’re excited to use our platform for positive change by promoting awareness and providing hands-on educational and training opportunities for students.”

Not to mention, in a few days time, one of the largest conference and tradeshow expo’s is about to hit the main stage once for a life-changing intervention.

Committed to reducing the skilled labor shortage and providing alternative paths to lucrative

careers, producer of the annual Tradeshow Expo, renowned author and leader of SVG University, Anthony Delmedico, is kicking off 2023 with the 9th Win The Storm Conference (WTS).

“This is a win-win for the industry. We’re showing contractors throughout the U.S. how to tap

into and connect with their local markets, school systems, and colleges to recruit and beat the skilled labor shortage,” says Delmedico.

Besides tapping into the virtual reality (VR) training, WTS breakout session topics include courses on entrepreneurship, business development, technology, AI, drone photography and video, building team company culture, and more.

The three-day event will be held at the Greater Fort Lauderdale Broward Convention Center at 1950 Eisenhower Blvd on March 15-17, 2023.

Starting with a parade recognizing Hurricane Ian’s first responders on March 15 at 9 am, the space will include educational speakers, including keynote speaker Doug Quinn, Michael Graziano, Melanie Griffin, and more.

Not to mention panels with live Q&A, over 100 industry-specific breakout sessions, evening receptions, awards night, and an entire tradeshow expo floor full of the industry’s leading vendors and suppliers.

“Join us for the #1 best training in the $100B+ restoration industry! Break out of your comfort zone and take your contracting business to the next level,” illuminates Storm Ventures Group. “This conference is for entrepreneurs, owners, and CEOs looking for real strategies, systems, tools, and the “secret sauce” to grow their companies to millions.”

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