Turkey, Syria Earthquake Death Toll Hits 3,800; 18,000 Injured As 77 Aftershocks Recorded



  • The death toll climbed to 2,379 in Turkey and 1,451 in Syria
  • At least 77 aftershocks were recorded by USGS following the massive quake
  • The quake also destroyed more than 5,600 buildings in Turkey and northern Syria

Thousands of people have died and more were injured after a 7. To see also : Cypriots Go To The Polls To Elect New President In Close Contest.8 magnitude earthquake hit Turkey and Syria on Monday morning.

As of Monday evening, officials in Turkey and Syria confirmed at least 3,830 deaths as a result of the massive quake that hit at 4:17 a.m. local time. Individually, Turkey’s death toll climbed to 2,379 while Syria’s reached 711 in government-controlled areas and 740 in areas controlled by the opposition, according to CNN.

The total number of injured people also climbed to more than 18,000, specifically 3,531 across Syria and 14,483 in Turkey, after both countries were hit by succeeding aftershocks. The United States Geological Survey (USGS) recorded at least 77 aftershocks following the quake. At least one of the aftershocks was of 7.5 magnitude while three others measured 6.0 or greater.

In addition to the casualties, the quake destroyed at least 5,606 buildings in Turkey, including the Gaziantep Castle, a historic site and tourist attraction in southeastern Turkey, and the dome and eastern wall of the Sirvani Mosque, which was built in the 17th century. A similar devastation was also reported in Syria.

Videos have also emerged on social media showing large fires in Turkey. Locals claim the earthquake caused gas pipelines to burst, causing the blaze.

Governments around the world have deployed rescue teams and offered aid in response to the quakes. The U.S. is expected to send two search and rescue units to Turkey, each of which has about 70 personnel with search dogs and paramedics.

The European Union said it will also dispatch search and rescue teams from Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, France, the Netherlands, Poland and Romania to Turkey. Additionally, it said it will direct its satellite systems to assist turkey in mapping the quake and its aftermath, per AP News.

Apart from governments, many national and international organizations are also collecting donations to help the victims of the earthquake, including UNICEF, Global Giving, The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, OXFAM, CARE, Doctors Without Borders, The Syrian American Medical Society, Save the Children and The Union of Medical Care and Relief Organizations.

A man stands near a damaged vehicle, following an earthquake, in rebel-held Azaz