Twitter Calls Amber Heard ‘Gone Girl’ From Ben Affleck’s Movie Amid Johnny Depp Legal Battle


  • Amber Heard called by Twitter users the real “Gone Girl” from Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike’s thriller movie
  • The netizens said Heard’s manipulative ways to her ex-husband Johnny Depp was similar to what Pike’s character did in the film
  • Heard’s fans showered her with love and support saying she was brave and an inspiration to them

Amber Heard is the real “Gone Girl” from Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike’s psychological thriller movie, according to Twitter users. This may interest you : Larry King Leaves Everything In His Estate To Children In 2019 Handwritten Will.

Many netizens continue to slam the “Aquaman” star after Depp’s appeal in his “wife-beater” libel case against The Sun was denied. Most of them likened her to Pike’s character Amy Elliott Dunne in “Gone Girl” who manipulated Affleck’s Nick Dunne by plotting her own death and carefully calculating her diabolical steps to achieve her desired outcome.

In the movie, Amy is portrayed as someone who is beautiful, charismatic and very popular among parents and kids for her “Amazing Amy” children’s book, causing many to believe she is innocent. Many felt that Heard is so similar to Amy, prompting them to call her the real “Gone Girl.”

“Credit where credit is due. This is the best acting spree of your career. You’ve literally brought ‘Gone Girl’ to life. Congrats,” one commented on Heard’s tweet after Depp’s appeal was denied.

“If you don’t have time to read the court documents and review all of the evidence, as most of us have done… just watch ‘Gone Girl’ lol,” another added.

“Amber Heard the liar/abuser has become very cocky since this UK verdict. She also decided to post a picture of herself wearing a dress from 4 years ago when she pretended she was assaulted. ‘Gone girl’ springs to mind. Manipulation.  #JusticeForJohnnyDepp #amberheardisahusbandbeater,” a third user opined.

“Every time Amber brings her fake diary as evidence I think of the exaggerated diary written with that fluffy pen in ‘Gone Girl’ to frame her husband,” a fourth user added with a laughing emoji.

“Watched the movie ‘Gone Girl’. OMG!! My body shook and I cried. I grew up with an ‘Amber’ and the movie is accurate on how narcs can control conditions and people to make the innocent look guilty and themselves, the actual guilty ones, innocent. I think Amber looked like Amy too!” a fifth netizen stated.

While many questioned Heard’s credibility after claiming she wasn’t a victim, her fans showered her with love and support. Many of them said Heard was an inspiration to them.

“Truth & justice prevails no one will silence you! You’re an inspiration to many survivors around the world. Proud to stand with you, always,” one commented on Heard’s post.

“Amber, you’re paving the way for women of the world. Sadly enough not every one of us understands it. LOVE & STRENGH to you,” another wrote.

“I cannot wait for the day where you finally have peace. I cannot find the words to truly tell you how angry I am that this is a constant in your life. Please know that I love you and will always support you,” a third fan added.

“You’re too brave, such an inspiring person! I hope the deserved peace prevails in your life one day,” a fourth supporter wrote.

“I’m so happy you’ve gotten this bit of justice, I hope you continue to heal and don’t mind what the liars and his followers say. You’re so insanely strong,” another added.

Heard recently promoted Zack Snyder’s “Justice League” on Twitter and it received mixed responses from the netizens. Some mocked her saying she only appeared for five minutes in the four-hour-long movie while her fans said it was worth it and they wanted to see her on her own Mera TV show.

Amber Heard (L) and Johnny Depp Photo: AFP / ISABEL INFANTES