November 29, 2022

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Twitter Disagreed With Melania Trump Calling Rush Limbaugh ‘Fearless American Patriot’


  • Melania Trump paid tribute to Rush Limbaugh on Twitter and it received mixed reactions from other users
  • Some Twitter users said Limbaugh was the worst and his contributions were not good
  • Other netizens agreed with Melania and thanked her for her sweet tribute to Limbaugh

Melania Trump paid tribute to the right-wing radio talk-show icon Rush Limbaugh on social media. Read also : ‘Never Been Physical, Just An Acquaintance’.

The former first lady took to Twitter and shared a short message to honor Limbaugh following his passing. Melania also offered prayers to his spouse, Kathryn, and the rest of the surviving family members.

“Rush was a fearless American patriot. He made countless contributions to society & leaves behind an unforgettable legacy. Praying for Kathryn & the entire Limbaugh family,” Melania tweeted.

However, Melania’s post received mixed responses from other Twitter users. Many disagreed with her because, for them, he wasn’t as great as how Melania saw him. Bob Moser of Rolling Stone said Limbaugh “did his best to ruin America” by spreading hate, racism and lies and laying the groundwork for Trumpism. It seemed that many shared the same opinion as Moser.

“None of his countless contributions to society were good and neither is his unforgettable legacy. He was the worst of the worst,” one commented.

“He laughed at people dying of AIDS and kids who died in school shootings. There isn’t a ring of hell low enough for him to burn in. The celebrating of his passing is a mere taste of how we’ll celebrate when Donnie boy finally eats his last Big Mac,” a second netizen added.

“Rush was radio garbage Fortunately the radios in The United States of America  unlike Nazi Germany afford us the ability to change the station. As a focus of his endless financial windfall of hate. I’m So Sorry not Sorry,” another wrote

“He was a horrible, hateful man. Like your husband,” a fourth user added.

Meanwhile, many also commended Limbaugh and agreed with Melania. They recognized his contributions and thanked Melania for paying respect to him.

“As a Latino, Rush taught me to value this great American nation and do my best to achieve my goals for my family and to be good to my community. Thank you my friend, and now enjoy eternity with the King of Kings and Lord of lords, Jesus Christ the savio,” @Lopezsalsa wrote.

“RIP Rush…  Rush did what God expected of a human being and beyond. What a wonderful life well lived,” another user added.

“Yes he was, and I enjoyed seeing his face when he heard he was getting his medal of honor, like a kid getting his ultimate Christmas present.  Thank you for sharing Melania.  Prayers and candle lit for his family,” a third user stated.

“Yes he was… And you’re the Most Beautiful and Stunningly Gorgeous Woman in all of America! The best president ever is a lucky man to have you as his wife!” another agreed.

Limbaugh died from complications of lung cancer on Wednesday, CBS News reported.

Melania Trump, seen here on January 20, 2021 which was the last day of her husband's presidency, cut a fashionable but distant figure Melania Trump, seen here on January 20, 2021 which was the last day of her husband’s presidency, cut a fashionable but distant figure Photo: AFP / ALEX EDELMAN