November 30, 2021

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Twitter On Ellen DeGeneres’ Announcement That She’s Ending Her Talk Show: ‘Good Riddance’


  • One netizen said “The Ellen DeGeneres Show’s” ending was expected as it has been on the air for 19 seasons
  • Several Twitter users brought up the alleged toxic environment on the show after Ellen DeGeneres announced its final season
  • Many were sad with DeGeneres’ final season announcement because they loved watching her show

Ellen DeGeneres announced that she’s ending her talk show after 19 seasons, and Twitter users have mixed opinions about it.

DeGeneres, 63, said it was time to end her show because while it remains fun, “it’s just not a challenge anymore.” She said she now wants to do something that would challenge her, and the netizens were divided. Some were still not ready to bid goodbye to DeGeneres’ show while others said it was coming.

“Idk why everyone is surprised about @TheEllenShow Ellen D. ending her show – its been 19 seasons – she was gonna end at some point. smh – i guess people thought the Kardashions [sic] are gonna go on forever too – oh and dont forget she has other shows,” one tweeted.

“So glad Ellen is leaving the show. She treats others as though they’re beneath her. To intentionally ignore, look down on, speak poorly to staff, guests, her audience was disgraceful!!!” another commented.

“Ellen never cared about her fans. All she cared about was the ratings and money! Her staff was treated so badly by her. I’m not alone in saying BYE FELICIA!!!!!!” another wrote.

“Another who forgot where they came from. My best friend was on your show and said you were so vapid and phoney that it was actually scary. If you’re that way to your  ‘celebrity’ guests I can’t imagine how you treated your staff. Shame on you,” a fourth user added.

“Good riddance to Ellen DeGeneres. No matter how she spins it, her show is done because she oversaw a toxic workplace that was finally exposed by Buzzfeed,” a fifth user wrote.

Meanwhile, some wanted to remain in touch with DeGeneres. Others also said she was the best in hosting.

“When you finish your show, will you still tweet? It’s therapeutic you know,…..just one more thing,” one asked.

“I have never seen ur show, but today I came to hear that ur show is going to end after its 19th season, it’s really hurt me, as u always try to bring the smile in those pain faces. Really ma’am u r soo much sweet,” another added.

“Ellen Degeneres was the only one doing a good talk show. Now, almost everyone sucks. I guess the best is James corden out of the current crop,” a different user wrote.

“Thank YOU Ellen for all that you have done through your show alone. It has been a gift to us to watch you every day, for that we will always be grateful and will love you always,” a fourth user stated.

“@TheEllenShow Ellen Your The Best at What You Do.. I lost my job, and through your show it has kept my spirits up.. I would say don’t quit.. But your the author of your own story.. Thank you for the laughs.. #1 Fan.. Peace and Blessings Hun,” a fifth netizen added.

Last year, one current and 10 former employees exposed the alleged toxic environment behind the talk show. One claimed that they were fired after taking medical leave. Meanwhile, others said it was difficult to get their supervisor’s approval.

At the time, there were rumors that the show would be canceled. However, DeGeneres’ show returned and she offered her employees new perks and benefits.

TV show host Ellen DeGeneres, seen here on on September 8, 2015 in New York, is a hero to the LGBTQ community in America TV show host Ellen DeGeneres, seen here on on September 8, 2015 in New York, is a hero to the LGBTQ community in America Photo: GETTY IMAGES / Dave Kotinsky