Twitter On FLOTUS Jill Biden Giving Michelle Obama Vegetable Basket: ‘Bogus Story’


  • Michelle Obama received a basket of vegetables from Jill Biden and shared it on Instagram
  • Many netizens doubted that the vegetables were really from the White House Kitchen Garden  
  • Others praised Jill’s thoughtfulness after she gave Michelle a care package

Netizens have mixed reactions to the basket of produce Michelle Obama received from First Lady Jill Biden. To see also : Dolly Parton Says She Won’t Jump The Line To Get Vaccinated: ‘I’m Going To Wait’.

Michelle recently shared a snap of a basket of produce on Instagram. Barack Obama’s wife said in the caption that the “beautiful care package” was from Jill and the fresh vegetables were harvested from the White House Kitchen Garden. However, some were not convinced that it was really from the White House garden because it’s still winter.

“How is there a harvest from the garden at this time of year?” one asked.

“How are vegetables growing in DC in the middle of winter…especially since there was just a snowstorm? Bogus planted story,” another wrote.

“Huh? It is cold out with snow on the ground lol #MSM,” a third user added.

“WH have a greenhouse? Thought it was a little cold to growing veggies outside?” a fourth netizen wrote.

Meanwhile, many were surprised that the garden still exists because they thought it was long gone. However, some reminded the others that if the crops were harvested fresh from the White House garden, then those were grown under the Trump administration because the Bidens just moved in two weeks ago and they couldn’t have grown them.

“Newsflash…those vegetables and herbs were grown under the previous administration,” Scott Pederson tweeted.

“Those are Melania’s veggies….no way they grew in a couple week,” @Farrington3rd commented.

“Trumps garden!” a third added.

While some doubted where the vegetables were harvested, many were impressed with Jill’s thoughtfulness. They were also happy that the garden survived.

“This is such a beautiful bouquet. Beats flowers any day,” one commented on Michelle’s post on Instagram.

“From one great First Lady to another!” a second netizen added.

“So glad your vegetable gardens survived the previous flotus!” a third user wrote.

“I am so glad to see that the White House Kitchen Garden is still there!!!!!! I figured it was was long gone,” a different online user commented.

SCRANTON, PA – OCTOBER 12: Dr. Jill Biden listens in at a rally in support of Democratic presidential nomineee U.S. Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL)October 12, 2008 in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Photo: Jeff Fusco/Getty Images