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Twitter Reacts To Prince Harry Being First Chief Impact Officer Of BetterUp


  • Prince Harry is BetterUp’s first chief impact officer, the organization announced Tuesday
  • Some Twitter users questioned Prince Harry’s qualifications and lack of experience
  • Other online users approved of Prince Harry because of his good qualities

Twitter has mixed opinions after Prince Harry became the first chief impact officer of BetterUp. To see also : Golden Globes To Go Bicoastal; Tina Fey, Amy Poehler To Host From Different Locations.

BetterUp, an organization that aims to change the world by bringing the power of transformation to people everywhere, announced that Prince Harry is its first chief impact officer. However, the netizens have mixed opinions on this move, with some questioning the Duke of Sussex’s eligibility because of his lack of experience. Also, some felt that he could not relate to the others’ hardships because he was born with a silver spoon and lives a luxurious life with his wife, Meghan Markle, and their son, Archie.

“Although I wish you all the best,  you go home to a mansion, with the best of everything, food, warmth, staff,  Do you really know how hard it is for the man or woman who go home to NOTHING, just sadness, no hope?? sorry Harry your [sic] in a different world to most people,” one commented on the announcement.

“So the dude that never had to work a single day in his life is about to give advice to other people on how to live their lives got it,” another sarcastically added.

“Somehow I doubt very seriously you would have hired someone with no experience or training had he not had Prince in front of his name he admitted to lying on national tv. Is that the image you want?” a third user asked.

“People are simply criticizing his lack of qualifications for the job. The guy is just like any other spoiled rich kid, gets handouts just because of his fame. Meh, whatever, it’s not like he is executive officer of a Fortune 500 company. I would question his migration status,” a fourth netizen added.

Meanwhile, some also defended Prince William’s brother because, for them, he remains relatable despite his status in the society. Others felt that the attacks were personal and no matter what he does, he won’t be good enough for his critics.

“People criticised him since 2019 for using taxpayers money and are now criticising him for getting a job and earning his own money,” one commented with facepalm emoji.

“1 only needs empathy 2 reach others. He’s in position 2 encourage people 2 flourish. Harry’s been at this since his gap year as a teen. He’s been 2 desolate places bringing hope 2 people who had less than anything the poorest American has. He’s brought hope 2 injured soldiers,” one wrote addressing those questioning Prince Harry’s qualifications.

“Brilliant news! With his amazing qualities, great leadership skills, compassionate heart and a great wealth of experience eg setting up invictus games( a global success), sentabale etc, you couldn’t have made a better choice,” a different user commented.

“Wishing success to your company! Prince Harry is one of the most trusted and beloved people in the world, you have good support for future!” another user wrote.

Harry left the UK last year amid acrimony and a reported rift with his brother Prince William, second in line to the throne Photo: AFP / Daniel LEAL-OLIVAS