Vaccination sites pause this weekend due to shortage

SAN DIEGO—Vaccine shortages in San Diego County are causing multiple vaccination sites to shut down over the weekend. 

The largest one in the county was back open Saturday after being closed the last two weekends but many people still left the site upset.

Lines of cars and people told FOX 5 they had appointments but were turned away from the Petco Park vaccination super station.

“Two other times I’ve come here to Petco Park to be shut out at the gate to say that they closed when they have given me a five o’clock appointment,” said vaccination patient Jim Melillow.

Meanwhile, several other sites will also be closed this weekend.

County Supervisor Nora Vargas tweeted out that vaccine shortages are forcing some county vaccination sites to pause operations this Saturday, including Copley-Price YMCA in San Diego and the North Coastal super station in Del Mar.

“You know it’s frustrating you know it’s not a perfect world I realize that but I don’t know I guess they’re trying their best,” says Mellilow. “What are you going to do?”

That’s not all.

On Sunday, shortages will also pause vaccinations at:

The Linda Rhoades Recreation Center in Vista.

Border View YMCA in Otay Mesa.

And the Lemon Grove Community Center.

Meanwhile, San Diego County Board of Supervisors Chairman Nathan Fletcher has said San Diego has the capacity to administer the vaccines but the problem is getting the supply.

“We encourage everyone, please continue to be patient as we face some limitations in supply,” says Fletcher. “But we now have close to thirty locations throughout our county, county sponsored in partnership with so many others where folks can access the vaccine plus your normal healthcare providers, pharmacies and all the other folks that are offering them.”

In the meantime, many folks will have to try again to reschedule their appointment.

“I still have 15 days in my window for my second vaccination so we’ll try again,” says Mellilow.

All second dose appointments at the paused sites this weekend are expected to be rescheduled for March 10th & 11th.