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Woman Armed With Gun Leaps To Death From Roof Of Highrise Building

A woman, whom police believe was a robbery suspect, jumped off the roof of a luxury highrise building in Florida.

The woman suffered severe injuries from the fall and later died at a Miami hospital.

The incident took place in the Edgewater neighborhood at around 9:30 p.m. Monday, according to CBS News. Miami police responded to reports about a theft involving a female robber.

Responding officers arrived to find the woman, armed with a gun she allegedly stole, standing on the roof of the highrise apartment building.

The woman “was believed to be a suspect of a theft,” and “was reportedly armed,” police said.

Officers set up a small perimeter to pursue the robbery suspect and tried to de-escalate the situation so the woman could be taken into custody. Attempts were made to get the woman down; however, she leaped from the luxury apartment building that was at least seven stories high.

The woman was taken by Miami Fire Rescue to Ryder Trauma Center at Jackson Memorial Hospital in critical condition. She did not survive and was pronounced dead Tuesday morning.

Her identity was not immediately released.

Miami police believe the deceased robbery suspect stole a gun from someone she knew before her fatal fall.

Witnesses said they heard screams while the woman was standing on the highrise and even saw her fall off the building.

Although police reportedly confirmed that no shots were fired during the incident, neighbors claimed they heard the sound of two gunshots, according to WSVN.

“I was walking my dog with my wife here in the park, and then we heard a big gun blast,” one witness told the outlet. “It sounds like could be fireworks but a little different, and so it spooked everyone for a second, and everyone went back to their business, but then there was a second one.”

The witness then recalled responding officers arriving at the scene and trying to bring the situation under control.

“Then after that, there were some police cars driving around and scoping out the area with a spotlight,” the witness went on to say. “Eventually, one police officer gets out of the car with his automatic weapon drawn and, so now it got real.”

The incident continues to be investigated.

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