75% of Eligible San Diegans Receive at Least One Dose of the COVID-19 Vaccine – NBC 7 San Diego

Seventy-five percent of San Diegans, 12 years and older, have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, according to San Diego County’s vaccination dashboard. It’s about two-thirds of the county’s entire population and a big milestone for the county, as local leaders make a final push to get more people vaccinated ahead of the state’s June 15 reopening.

“We just decided, ‘hey let’s do it’. I mean they’re offering it and I mean it doesn’t hurt to get it,” said Leticia Oliver, of Lemon Grove.   

According to the county’s vaccination dashboard, the county is nearly 83 percent of the way to their goal of getting 75 percent of San Diegans fully vaccinated, which experts say would get the region to herd immunity.

But the demand for vaccines has slowed since majority of San Diegans who were eager to get vaccinated, are vaccinated.

“A few weeks ago, there was a line. Today I just walked in and out,” said Vilaylack Odviar, who received her second dose of the Pfizer vaccine on Sunday.

The increased supply at pharmacies and private clinics has also resulted in less congestion at county-run sites.

“The other day I was at Walmart and they’re like, ‘If you need your vaccine come over to the pharmacy. There’s no wait.’,” explained Odviar. While many San Diegans have received their vaccine, county leaders are encouraging more people to get inoculated.

“I think there’s a little bit of hesitation from some people. I think if that hesitation wasn’t there, we’d be a lot closer to 90 (percent), probably,” said Jermeine Mitchell, who also received his second dose of the Pfizer vaccine on Sunday.

San Diego Padres tickets and a Padres Hero shirt were given to San Diegans who received their COVID-19 vaccine at Petco Park. NBC 7’s Lauren Coronado has more.

The county and local partners have been working together to keep the vaccination momentum going. On Saturday the county and the San Diego Padres teamed up to host a vaccine clinic and rewarded San Diegans with two Padres tickets after getting their vaccines. The state also has a lottery underway to encourage more Californians to get inoculated.