San Diego restaurants prepare for full reopening

PACIFIC BEACH – California’s reopening is just around the corner and restaurants in Pacific Beach say they are finally seeing a vibrant town after a year of restrictions.  

“It finally feels like we are back to normal all of Pacific Beach, from the top all the way down to the beach,” said Lee Jacinto, a Bartender at Crushed. 

Jacinto says Crushed had to adapt to survive during the pandemic, including offering to-go orders and adding outdoor seating.  

“Every business, most of them, have been able to capitalize, utilizing more outdoor space, capacity in Pacific Beach has almost doubled,” said Jacinto.  

Jacinto says Crushed will keep their outdoor seating for now.  

San Diego residents Brian Lab and Nicole Lu say outdoor dining has been a nice addition to restaurants across the region.   

“A lot of places are very good about social distancing and outdoor dining, it’s been very nice, being San Diego,” said Lu. “It’s a big plus that came out – out of everything that happened.” 

Jacinto says Crushed and the entire Pacific Beach community are excited for the retiring of the tiers on June 15.  

“I’m happy to enjoy the summer and go back to the normal life style,” said Jacinto.