Angelina Jolie Upset After Judge Declined To Let Kids’ Testify In Custody Battle With Brad Pitt: Report


  • Brad Pitt’s camp was allegedly gloating about a potential custody win
  • Angelina Jolie does not want to keep her children from their father
  • She also does not want other families to go through the same experience

Angelina Jolie was not happy that her children were not allowed to testify in court amid her custody battle with ex Brad Pitt. Read also : Johnny Depp Has Been Writing Songs As He Couldn’t Wait To Get Back On Stage Amid Legal Battle.

Judge John Ouderkirk has decided to give Pitt “significantly more time with the kids” because he had very limited time with them before. The “Maleficent” star was reportedly fine sharing custody of the kids but not happy that the judge did not allow her children to testify against their dad even after submitting alleged evidence of domestic abuse by Pitt to the court.

“The custody schedule was always determined by the court,” an unnamed source told Page Six. “It’s sad that Brad’s people are gloating about a potential win when beating a system that exists to protect families and children from issues that harm their well-being is not something to brag about.”

“The heart of this dispute has not been about keeping the children apart from their father, it’s been Angelina asking for care for her family. Her motivations have never been to deny the children a relationship with their father,” the source continued.

Jolie has already sought the help of the court of appeals, which could mean that Judge Ourderkirk’s decision could be voided. The source added that Jolie never wanted the same thing to happen to other families.

“This system is at fault, and Angelina is focused on fighting a system that does not take into account the full set of issues that affect her family and other families in this situation. She’s working hard to ensure that other families don’t go through her experience,” the insider added.

In March, Jolie submitted a document saying that her children — Maddox, 19, Pax, 17, Zahara, 16, Shiloh, 14, and 12-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne — were willing to provide “proof and authority in support” of her claims against Pitt. However, Judge Ouderkirk, who handles the custody and divorce cases, declined her request.

“Judge Ouderkirk denied Ms. Jolie a fair trial, improperly excluding her evidence relevant to the children’s health, safety, and welfare, evidence critical to making her case,” the filing in California’s Second District Courts of Appeal read.

Regarding the denial of Jolie’s request, Pitt’s legal counsel said Judge Ouderkirk found that Jolie’s testimony “lacked credibility in many important areas, and the existing custody order between the parties must be modified, per Mr. Pitt’s request, in the best interests of the children.”

Rumors suggest Angelina Jolie Pitt and Brad Pitt are working together to reach a divorce settlement. The actors are pictured attending the WSJ. Magazine Innovator Awards on Nov. 4, 2015 in New York City. Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images