October 5, 2022

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Rose McGowan ‘Deeply Sad And Very Low,’ Calls Depression ‘An Intense Beast’


  • Rose McGowan said she has not posted anything recently because she was sad and very low
  • The “Charmed” star considers depression an intense beast that one has to dance with
  • The actress is hopeful that there will be light and the weight of sadness will disappear

Rose McGowan was feeling low and sad as she spoke her mind in a post on social media. Read also : Mama June Praises ‘Awesome’ Daughter Pumpkin Shannon In Heartfelt Mother’s Day Tribute.

The “Planet Terror” star took to her Instagram Story Thursday to share what was feeling at the time. She made the post to remind herself and others that they are not alone as they battle depression.

“I haven’t been posting because I’ve been deeply sad and very low. Depression is an intense beast,” McGowan wrote. “If you’ve read my book I speak openly about depression, trauma, PTSD. I speak of my history with a mind that wants me to sleep forever. It blocks the sun for so many of us.”

“If you suffer from this, I want you to know you are not alone. I want me to know I’m not alone, no matter how hard my mind whispers the thoughts of the sleep 30 hours kind of sad. The crying and I don’t know why sad. The I just want it to stop sad. I will never put up a false front to the world and post a false joy I’m not feeling. Depression is a beast to dance with. Sometimes the beast holds your head down.”

McGowan ended her post with a positive note. She reminded everyone that there will be “light again” and the loneliness they are feeling will eventually fade away.

“But what I know is that there will be light again. And the day will come when the weight of sadness will disappear. And we will raise our faces to the sun,” she concluded.

Last month, McGowan shared a video of a sunset by the beach on Twitter. In the caption, she announced that she only wanted to share positivity on her social media accounts.

“I decided I did not want darkness on my timeline. I apologize for putting it out there. Where there is evil there is light. Tonight I got to be here. I imagined all of us sitting together calmly & peacefully. Nature heals,” she wrote.

Last week, McGowan shared a snap of her playing Paige Matthews on “Charmed.” In the caption, she recounted the things she learned from her character in The WB’s supernatural fantasy drama.

“I learned a lot from playing Paige Matthews in the original Charmed. I learned that goodness can win. I learned that it’s okay to be silly, loving and goofy. I learned that I was magic too. And I learned that we all have magic in us. Thanks for indulging my memories of Paige. #whitelighter #witch #Charmed,” she wrote on Instagram.

Actress Rose McGowan, pictured at San Diego Comic-Con in 2011, was one of the first women to make public allegations about Weinstein's abuse Actress Rose McGowan, pictured at San Diego Comic-Con in 2011, was one of the first women to make public allegations about Weinstein’s abuse Photo: GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Michael Buckner