January 24, 2022

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San Diego distillery launches Super Bowl commercial

San Diego-based Cutwater Spirits launched a 30-second ad during Super Bowl LV aimed at cutting out of the pandemic routine and take a break

SAN DIEGO — A local distillery is scoring big and tapping into Super Bowl commercials.

Cutwater Spirits will run a 30 second ad during Super Bowl LV on February 7 on CBS 8.

San Diego based founder, Yuseff Cherney, said starting as a home brewer 30 years ago, he would have never imagined a brick and mortar distillery and restaurant, let alone a Super Bowl commercial.

“The whole notion of the ad is kind of that quintessential pinnacle of your brewery career and as a distillery coming into that,” said Cherney.

The master distiller said the canned spirits commercial is part of the company’s “Cut Out” campaign. He hopes it’s going to resonate with folks during the pandemic.

“There is this blurred line between when you work or when you don’t,” said Cherney.

The 30 second ad was filmed in Chile and shows a couple on the couch watching TV. The video cuts to Cutwater Spirits with a voiceover saying, “It’s time to cut out.” It shows people taking a break, going to the lake, fishing, surfing, closing their laptops and cutting loose with Cutwater Spirits.

They also have a Super Bowl social media ad featuring Schitt’s Creek actor Emily Hampshire.

In 2019, Anheuser-Busch acquired Cutwater Spirits. This year the parent company is benching its star player Budweiser and allocating money used to pay for the ad towards COVID-19 relief.

It’s other brands like Bud Light and Cutwater Spirits that are getting Super Bowl play time instead. A 30 second ad costs $5.5 million.

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“We are not the household name that Budweiser is, but we want to be,” said Cherney.

This isn’t the first time a San Diego company has been featured during one of the biggest television events of the year. Last year, San Diego based Saint Archer Brewing company aired a Super Bowl ad filmed in San Diego.

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Cherney said he wasn’t told why Anheuser-Busch chose Cutwater Spirits but feels it has something to do with being the underdog.

“I think the mentality might of been, I am reading into this a little bit, might have been, ‘let’s give an up-and-coming brand that we support the ability to get into one of these bigger ads and reach out to more people,’” said Cherney.

No matter what, he calls this moment a career touchdown.

“I guess I know I made it when I get a text from a friend in a different state, ‘hey I just saw this,’” said Cherney.

The 30 second commercial will air in the West Coast Region which includes San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, Seattle, Las Vegas and Phoenix.