May 19, 2022

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Snow draws San Diegans to Mount Laguna

SAN DIEGO — Friday was yet another snow day for some San Diegans who packed into vehicles and put chains on their tires to head up to Mount Laguna.

The Laguna Mountain Lodge reported more than 14 inches of snow on the ground after a third winter storm hit San Diego County this week. Rancho Bernardo resident Reggie Angeles and his three children were among families who came up to see the fresh snow.

“It’s always good to find little pockets, where we can get out and just enjoy, enjoy the outside for a little bit,” Angeles said.

Other families told FOX 5 it was the perfect break from a school year filled with screen time. Laughter filled the air and one child chimed in after sledding down a snow-covered hill, saying it was a really nice break from her computer.

Some visitors said they spent time at Big Bear Mountain, which saw up to 16 inches of snowfall as of Friday afternoon, and enjoyed finding snow a little closer to home this time around. For others, it was their first time playing in fresh snowfall.

“Today was actually my first day seeing snow,” a 26-year-old told FOX 5. “And I thought I was going to be freezing, but everything turned out well and I’m warm and I want to see it again soon.”

For San Diegans who want to check out the snow this weekend, California Highway Patrol officers said Sunrise Highway is closed between mile marker 27.5 and State Route 79. There will be safety checkpoints and officers will be checking for chains depending on conditions.

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